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Pilot session 3: Managing and measuring your social media presence

Date & Time: 
online - 14 May 2013 (15.00 CET)

In April-May 2013 Web2LLP is organising a 10-hour pilot of the online social media course for managers of lifelong learning projects.

16 participants from 9 different countries took part in this third session which focused on managing your social media presence and analysing the social media impact of your project. Different online management tools were introduced that can help you manage and monitor the online presence of your project. The session also addressed and explained the different analytical tools that can be used for both predicting and measuring your social media presence.

Domain expert Montse Delgado (P.A.U. Education, Spain) introduced 3 Ms: managing, monitoring and measuring that make up a continuous process that LLP projects should implement. She also talked about who could manage the social media channels for your project, the functionalities and differences of tools you can use for the 3 Ms.

Experienced project manager, Katerina Zourou (Web2Learn, Greece) talked about the practical implications of using social media for LLP projects: how to efficiently use your human resources and the available tools, how to report on your social media presence and impact and which indicators to use for them.

In parallel with the presentations, participants were asked to answer a few polls as a reality check how they currently use social media to reach their target audience and goals, which gave interesting results which the speakers could pick up during their presentation. After each presentation, participants could ask questions in an open discussion, and they were invited to put forward any further questions or relevant issues to the Web2LLP helpdesk service.



Montse Delgrado, P.A.U. Education, Spain
Katerina Zourou, Web2Learn, Greece


Montse Delgado, P.A.U. Education, Spain
Montse Delgado

Montse Delgado joined P.A.U. Education as Social Media and Online Mkt & Communication Strategist in 2012, after ten years of experience in the education sector. Montse is specialised in digital business and is highly experienced both in marketing and communication fields, primarily focusing on knowledge-driven portals, publication sales and social media strategy implementation in corporations. She has been supporting at different levels the Innovative Stakeholder’s Engagement for the Digital Agenda of Europe campaign,, Valores de Futuro (BBVA) and Your ideas, your initiatives (Renault), amongst others.

Besides her involvement in P.A.U. Education’s projects, Montse coordinates the online presence of the company itself and the related communication actions. She also fulfills a leadership role, distributing tasks amongst team members and providing the necessary training. Her enthusiasm for any mobile and web-based project motivates and generates positivity among her colleagues, and she has a natural orientation towards quality and customer service.

Katerina Zourou, Web2Learn, Greece
Katerina Zourou

Katerina Zourou is Senior Researcher at the University of Trondheim in the field of computer supported collaborative language learning. Her research interests involve the role of computer tools in foreign language education as well as telecollaborative practices online. With two other e-learning experts she has founded the consulting company Web2learn. She is the initiator and project leader of two European Commission-funded projects, the network "Language learning and social media: 6 key dialogues" (2010-2012) and the project "Improving Internet strategies and maximizing social media presence of LLP projects" (2012-2013).

Katerina has recently co-edited (with Françoise Demaizière) the special issue “Social media and language learning (r)evolution?” of the ALSIC journal. She is co-editing, with Marie-Noëlle Lamy, the book “Social Networking for Language Education” (Palgrave Macmillan), expected for Autumn 2013.

Watch our interview with Katerina as part of our showcase on existing LLP projects that use(d) social media.