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Coventry workshop attracts attention amongst project leaders


The final event in the Web2LLP calendar was a workshop held on 7-8 November in Coventry UK entitled “Using Social Media to Foster Collaborative Work in Multi-Disciplinary Cross Border Projects”. This event attracted almost 50 participants mainly from the UK along with a number of people from other European countries.

The workshop began on 7 November with a reception and dinner held in the beautiful St Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry. A highlight of this dinner was the excellent key-note presentation given by Gary Shochat from PAU Education in Barcelona entitled “Value & Impact of Social Media in Multi-Disciplinary Cross-Border Projects’. The next day the main part of the workshop kicked off with an introduction by Prof Charles Max of Luxembourg University, coordinator of the Web2LLP project. His session was followed by a series of practical sessions each dedicated to different aspects of using social media to support cross-border collaborative work of the type normally taking place in European Commission supported projects. These sessions were held in the highly appropriate Simulation Centre in Coventry University Technology Park which proved to be an excellent venue in terms of promoting discussion and interaction.
The workshop concluded with a session in which a number of general conclusions were reached along with recommendations as to what steps might be taken by the European Commission and others to better support the use of social media as an effective tool in the dissemination and exploitation of European cross-border projects.